Deschenes Rapids Medium/High Water Playspot - Near Channel

High water on the Ottawa River in the City of Ottawa brings everyone out to Remic Rapids at the Champlain Bridge for good reason. As "The Wall" at Remic Rapids is just becoming surfable a great wave / hole exists at the Deschenes. My thanks to Phitty for the info and pictures.
Between 58.6-58.9 on the Britannia Gauge the "The Champlain Bridge Wall" waves at Remic Rapids is starting to come in and paddlers flock to the great playspot waves at the bridge. However, at the Deschenes Rapids upstream, a great playspot is already at its prime.Deschenes playspot at 58.6 on the Britannia Gauge (medium/high water)
The Deschenes Rapids are a River wide rapid about 2km upstream of the Champlain Bridge. To get there check out my blog posting below on the Deschenes playspot at low water. Near the Quebec shore there are crumbled ruins of a century old hydro electric project. These ruins are dangerous and should never be run. There are multiple pin spots and hazards such as rebar in this section.
The high water playspot is in the nearest channel to the Quebec shore. There are no rebar concerns in this channel. The playspot characteristics are as follows:
It is a very fun hole at 58.5 - 58.6 on the Britannia gauge.
It is a very fun wave from 58.6 - 58.9.
Above 58.9 its flooded; go to Champlain.
When it is in spins, cartwheels, loops, blunts, backstabs, and just about anything else are easily done.Front and backsurfs at Deschenes
When the playspot is in the water is over 4 feet deep in the pool but you may bang the ends of your boat in front of the pile. There are small eddies on both sides of the hole which are easy to catch if you're upright but harder to catch if you flip. They also get harder to catch as the level goes up... but the wave gets better so it's all worthwhile. Below the feature the water runs cleanly into a small pool. Take out river left and carry up the paved walking trail to the top which is about 100 yards.Above: Throwing ends at 58.5

Below is a video of the spot at 58.8

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