Deschenes Rapid - BYOB Wave

The Britannia Yachtclub Offshore Boating (BYOB) Wave is on the Ontario side of the Deschenes Rapids. It is a small wave with large eddy access good for surfing, spinds, and blunts. My thanks to Mark and Renny for the information.
The put in is at the public boat launch at the end of Rowatt street in Ottawa. From the put in paddle along the shorline , you will see the wave as you go downstream. It is a class II-III depending on the water level. The wave is 15 feet out from shore.

Click here for a map.

There is a large eddy for access on the river right as pictured above.

The take out is half way down Cassels , just look for the hiking path where there is a no bikes/dogs sign, (can't miss it ) just park on the side of the road. When finished your session at the wave, just paddle downstream for 2 minitues , you will see the takeout path in between 2 large trees, follow it for a minute and you are at your car.

Caution: although the wave is small at these water levels, we are unsure of how its character changes with the level. As such, scout it before you run it. As always, never paddle alone.

The photos of this wave were taken at a level of 58.1 on the Britannia Gauge.

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James Golick said...

We paddled BYOB at around 3.18 this week. It was incredibly shallow.

I'd say the rocks directly underneath the wave were around 4-6" below the surface. We'd even hit the bottom doing simple spins.

I only rolled once during the session. It seemed to be relatively deep downstream of the wave. But, had I caught an edge while side surfing, I certainly would have hit bottom.

All this to say: BYOB can get extremely shallow.